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Shaun Theriot-Smith, P.E.

Civil Engineering Leader, Veteran, Public Servant, Husband, Father

No more off-street parking requirements in EaDo and Midtown? Council to vote this year.

Do you have a potential project within the East Downtown (EaDo) or Midtown Management Districts that you just can’t get to pencil out on paper due to the number of parking spaces the City requires you to build? The City of Houston Planning Commission and City Council will be considering a vote in the next three months to expand the off-street parking exemption area from Downtown into EaDo and Midtown to remove off-street parking requirements.

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Check out my interview with Randy Wilburn and the Zweig Letter Podcast

I had the privilege of sitting down with Randy Wilburn, host of the Zweig Letter Podcast in December to talk about my experiences at BIG RED DOG Engineering and also my service in both the military and at the University of Houston as Student Body President.

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Remove your property from the FEMA floodplain (LOMA/LOMR)

Are you interested in removing your property from the floodplain or need to determine your property’s flood risk? Many properties are at a distinct risk of flooding during major rainfall events; let's take a look at how to know if your property is in a flood hazard area and ways to remedy it.

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Storm Water Quality Management in the City of Houston (SWPPP & SWQMP)

Navigating storm water quality regulations in Houston can often be a nebulous process, especially when you are juggling other permitting requirements simultaneously. The City of Houston and Harris County hold a developer and their designers responsible for the stormwater that leaves a private site. These agencies are often primarily concerned with the quantity or volume of the stormwater discharge, but they also expect a certain quality or characteristic of the water that enters into the MS4, or municipal separate storm sewer system. Enter Storm Water Quality (SWQ) guidelines.

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Can We Fix Houston’s Flooding Problem?

Hurricane Harvey has brought a destructive intensity and distribution of rainfall that has highlighted, again, the Achilles heel of our metropolis's infrastructure: a lack of development oversight and facilities to protect the integrity of our communities. It has, however, reminded us of our strengths -- the ever-present tenacity and grit that our citizens possess and their endless capacity to galvanize in the face of adversity.

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